Compare + Invest general FAQs


How do you make money?

Compare + Invest makes its money very much in the same way as other comparison sites.

The first thing to clarify is that we do not operate a “Pay-to-Play” model. All firms that we are aware of – in each of the markets we operate in – are included in our service, so that you have a full, unbiased and comprehensive view on which to base an informed decision.

We make money in two principle ways:

  • Some investment services choose to pay us for referrals we make to them from this site. Usually, we are paid if a referral actually opens and funds an investment account. We permit referrals to investment platforms regardless of whether they pay for the service or not.
  • Advertising. We carry a limited amount of advertising and sponsorship to allow investment firms to promote their services and showcase some of their features that might be useful to understand when you are evaluating them. They can also promote special offers, or sponsor areas of the site, all of which we will receive payment.

This advertising may make some companies look more prominent than others (as advertising does), but the fundamental comparison data, results and our ratings are in no way influenced by our commercial relationships.

Are there any costs not included in the calculator?

Any costs charged by the funds themselves are not shown in the calculator, as these will depend on which specific funds you choose to invest in once you’ve chosen your platform. Typically you would be charged an annual fund management fee, which could be a flat fee or percentage of your investment value. If you use an adviser to help with your investments, they will also charge a fee. And there will generally be costs for leaving a fund or platform.