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Charles Stanley Direct

Charles Stanley Direct is one of the UK’s better known DIY platforms. With a good range of investments, regular news updates and email reminders, it aims to make investments easy for customers while still offering lots of features. It also offers advisory and discretionary services.

Available products & wrappers

General investments ISAs Lifetime ISAs Junior ISAs Pensions & SIPPs Junior pensions & SIPPs Other

Available investments

UK funds Offshore funds ETFs ITs Equities Bonds Other

Table of charges

Platform charges Product charges Other charges
Funds (0-£250,000) 0.35%
Funds (£250,000.01-£500,000) 0.20%
Funds (£500,000.01-£1,000,000) 0.15%
Funds (£1,000,000.01-£2,000,000) 0.05%
Funds (over £2,000,000) 0.00%
Exchange-traded instruments 0.35% (Minimum of £24, maximum of £240 per annum. No charge if 1+ chargeable trades made per month.)
SIPP admin fee £100 + VAT / year (No charge if over £30,000 in accounts)
Exchange-traded instruments £11.50 / trade

Research, tools and information

Data & research

Fund lists, foundation portfolios, market data and stock research.


Apple watch news function/iPhone app.

Compare+Invest review of Charles Stanley Direct

Products & wrappers Investments Research & guidance Charges Overall rating

Charles Stanley Direct Review

One of the leaders in the UK investment space, Charles Stanley is very well-known, respected and user-friendly. Their online service is suitable for everyone from beginners who want to learn to investors who know exactly what they want.

What to expect from the platform

When logged in, the site feels like a dashboard that gives you a good level of control and visibility. We really like it, but can see newer investors getting a little overwhelmed. This isn’t helped by the fact that their fund info is buried in the menus, despite being of high quality.

Our review of Charles Stanley Direct

You really are spoiled for choice with Charles Stanley. And when it comes to paying your fees, you might be pleasantly surprised. Overall, this is a very reasonable service that deserves its position in the market.