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Fidelity Personal Investing

Fidelity is a long-established fund management company with investment platforms for advisers, employers and consumers. The DIY platform offers a wide array of products, tools and research to make investing easier for investors.

Available products & wrappers

General investments ISAs Lifetime ISAs Junior ISAs Pensions & SIPPs Junior pensions & SIPPs Other

Available investments

UK funds Offshore funds ETFs ITs Equities Bonds Other

Table of charges

Platform charges Product charges Other charges
Funds (£0-£24,999) £90/year (£7.50/month) or 0.35% if you have a Regular Savings Plan
Funds (£25,000-£249,999) 0.35%
Funds (£250,000-£1,000,000) 0.20%
Funds (£1,000,000+) 0.00%
Exchange-traded (ex-GIA) (£0-£24,999) £90/year (£7.50/month) or 0.35% if you have a Regular Savings Plan
Exchange-traded (ex-GIA) (£25,000-£249,999) 0.35% (Capped at £90)
Exchange-traded (ex-GIA) (£250,000-£1,000,000) 0.20% (Capped at £90)
Exchange-traded (ex-GIA) (£1,000,000+) 0.00% (Capped at £90)
Dealing charges £7.50 for buy/sell online, £30 for phone/paper trades, £1.50 for regular savings dividend reinvestments (within share dealing only).

Research, tools and information

Data and tools

Top 50 funds list, model portfolios, guidance service, mobile apps, pension guides and retirement calculators, investment guides and videos.

Compare+Invest review of Fidelity Personal Investing

Products & wrappers Investments Research & guidance Charges Overall rating

Is Fidelity a good investment platform?

One of the great all-rounders, Fidelity is suitable for both newbies and more experienced investors. Start off with their brilliant how-to guides and model portfolios, then move on to their Top 50 Funds list and in-depth research when you feel more at home.

Fund investors will find Fidelity most useful, benefitting from a fair price and all the support we mention above. You can also invest in individual shares here, but it’s best to do so in conjunction with funds as other platforms make share trading easier.

Our review of Fidelity

In all, thanks to a lovely site and app, Fidelity is a very good option. Interesting, supportive, and well thought out.