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Financial Discounts Direct

Financial Discounts Direct is a DIY platform that is supported by the Aegon (formerly Cofunds) institutional platform. Its aim is to provide a high-quality, low-cost service to private investors.

Available products & wrappers

General investments ISAs Lifetime ISAs Junior ISAs Pensions & SIPPs Junior pensions & SIPPs Other
Can be arranged

Available investments

UK funds Offshore funds ETFs ITs Equities Bonds Other

Table of charges

Platform charges Product charges Other charges
Funds (0-£49,000) GIA and ISA 0.45% 0.20%
Funds (£50,000-£149,999) GIA and ISA 0.40% 0.20%
Funds (£150,000-£249,999) GIA and ISA 0.35% 0.20%
Funds (£250,000-499,999) GIA and ISA 0.25% 0.20%
Funds (£500,000-999,999) GIA and ISA 0.25% 0.18%
Funds (£1m+) GIA and ISA 0.25% 0.15%

Research, tools and information

Tools & research

Funds hub with First Class Funds list, ISA choices and Top 10 lists for performers, bestsellers and highest income funds. ISA calculator and regular savings calculator. Investment guides.

Compare+Invest review of Financial Discounts Direct

Products & wrappers Investments Research & guidance Charges Overall rating

What can I expect from Financial Discounts Direct?

What do you expect from a platform with ‘discounts’ in the name? A reasonable price, at the least. But that’s not what you get here. Fees are actually on the high side.

Our review of Financial Discounts Direct

With price out of the way, the rest of this review can become more positive. Financial Discounts Direct is a family-run business and it feels like one. The support for customers is great, from recommendations and guidance to help you pick investments, to a personal service that people rave about.

The website isn’t as polished as you would expect from big name brands, but it’s quite endearing and fits the family angle. Easy enough to use and well suited to beginners. Still, it is pricey.