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Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown is the oldest DIY platform in the UK with more than 35 years’ experience under its belt.  This Bristol-based company started life as a small advice firm and has grown into a  FTSE 100 company with a wide range of services including advice, discretionary management, its own investment funds and model portfolios aimed to suit any life stage, whether you’re a beginner or experienced investor.

Available products & wrappers

General investments ISAs Lifetime ISAs Junior ISAs Pensions & SIPPs Junior pensions & SIPPs Other
Active Savings

Available investments

UK funds Offshore funds ETFs ITs Equities Bonds Other

Table of charges

Platform charges Product charges Other charges
Funds (0-£250,000) 0.45%
Funds (£250,000.01-£1,000,000) 0.25%
Funds (£1,000,000.01-£2,000,000) 0.10%
Funds (over £2,000,000) 0.00%
Shares (ISA/SIPP/Child SIPP) 0.45% (max £45 for ISA, £200 SIPP/Child SIPP)
Share dealing (0-9 deals in previous month) GIA/ISA/SIPP £11.95 / trade (online) 1% (£20 min, £50 max) phone dealing
Share dealing (10-19 deals in previous month) GIA/ISA/SIPP £8.95 / online trade
Share dealing (20+ deals in previous month) GIA/ISA/SIPP £5.95 / online trade
Share dealing (1+) Child SIPP £5.95 / online trade

Research, tools and information

Data and research tools

A broad array of investment research tools and guidance, videos, support and more, as well magazines, guides and other regular information. It operates the Wealth Shortlist, selected by its fund experts and aimed at long-term potential and HL Portfolio+ lists.


Apple and Android apps, portfolio analysis tools, ISA/inflation calculators and budget planner.

Additional services

Financial Advice, Retirement Options – Drawdown & Annuity Broker

Compare+Invest review of Hargreaves Lansdown

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Hargreaves Lansdown Review

Hargreaves is the woolly mammoth of investment platforms. A strong, stable giant that holds over 40% of the consumer investment market, it’s one of the best but a bit slow to evolve.

What are the benefits of investing with Hargreaves Lansdown?

Investors can benefit in many ways from the wealth of experience that this platform has. The research is some of the best around, the recommendations are solid, and there is a good amount of supporting material to get your teeth into. That is, if you already know what you’re looking for. With such a large site to get around, beginners might find it overwhelming.

What are the fees?

All this good stuff does come with a small catch, though: Hargreaves is on the pricey side. Make sure you compare the fees and features with smaller platforms before you commit.