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iWeb is operated by Halifax Share Dealing, which is part of the Lloyds Banking Group. This DIY platform is a low-cost, effective way of share and fund dealing. It offers a range of investments and accounts including SIPPs and ISAs.

Available products & wrappers

General investments ISAs Lifetime ISAs Junior ISAs Pensions & SIPPs Junior pensions & SIPPs Other

Available investments

UK funds Offshore funds ETFs ITs Equities Bonds Other

Table of charges

Platform charges Product charges Other charges
SIPP (0-£50,000) £90 / year
SIPP (£50,001+) £180 / year
Fund dealing £5 / trade
Exchange-traded instruments dealing £5 / trade
One-off account opening charge £100

Research, tools and information


Search tools, heat maps, charts and perfomance tables.

Compare+Invest review of iWeb

Products & wrappers Investments Research & guidance Charges Overall rating

What is iWeb?

iWeb is a DIY investment platform from Halifax, so it’s hard not to compare it to the Halifax Share Dealing platform. Both benefit from the long-standing stability of a high-street bank, but both are also quite awkward and user-unfriendly. iWeb is cheaper, though. Half the price, actually, at only £5 per trade.

Our review of iWeb

If you just want a bare bones service without fancy tools or an app, iWeb does a decent job. Functional and fair but not very supportive or inspiring. Cheap without the cheerful. But if that’s all you need it to be, why not?