What’s an ISA millionaire and how do I become one?


We all love a millionaire story, whether it’s a lottery winner or when somebody wins one of those £3m house draws. More recently, the financial press has started to talk about ISA millionaires, so who are they and what’s it all about?

A little background. An ISA is effectively a tax-break that allows you to save up to £20,000 tax-free, each year. You can have a cash ISA (not a great idea with low savings rates/high inflation), or a stocks & shares ISA, which lets you invest in funds and company shares as well as cash.

If you choose your investments well and invest your £20,000 allowance each year, how long until that money is worth £1m tax-free? The reality is that you’d need to generate around 8% growth each and every year for 21 years before you hit the £1m mark.

And that’s before you pay any investment charges on your investments, which can drag performance down. Just 1% of additional investment charges per year will turn your £1m into £930,000. Remember that each 1%, or fraction thereof, can lose you tens of thousands of pounds over the duration of your investments.

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To become a millionaire, all you need to do is put your full £20,000 ISA allowance in every year for 21 years and pick some good investments! If you’re 30 years old now, then you too could be a millionaire at 51. Picking investments is the harder bit but most DIY platforms have recommended fund lists and portfolios and if you choose a robo-style digital investment provider, they pick the investments for you based on your risk profile.

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Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash